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We generally charge for our services based on hourly rates. The hourly rate of individual attorneys and any support staff is subject to change from time to time. We will also bill Clients for disbursements we make on their behalf, including filing and service fees, delivery charges and postage fees, photocopying, computerized legal research charges and similar expenses. If there are large single-item expenses, we may forward the bill to the Client for direct payment. We normally render bills biweekly. Bills are payable on receipt. We will render bills to the Client in portable document format (pdf) via electronic mail, and the Client should pay them by wire transfer. If you have questions about any of our bills, we will be happy to discuss them with you. Your promptness in this will be appreciated, since it is easiest to respond to questions shortly after the bill is rendered. It is difficult to estimate in advance the amount of fees and disbursements and other costs that will be incurred in connection with many  matters, as the ultimate amount will often be a product of a number of factors that are not known with any certainty at the establishment of an attorney-client relationship. We may not always require a retainer, but reserve the right to request one if circumstances warrant. The Client is free to terminate our representation at any time, for any reason. Similarly, to the extent permitted by the Rules of Professional Conduct, we reserve the right to withdraw from the representation. In the event of a termination or withdrawal, the Client’s only obligation would be to pay the fees and disbursements that had accrued through the date of termination or withdrawal and those reasonably necessary to effect the termination or withdrawal (such as copying and transferring files) and to respond to audit inquiry letters after such date. We note that once a matter has concluded, we do not undertake to keep Clients informed about subsequent developments or changes in law relating to the matter, unless special arrangements are agreed to in writing between the Client and us at such time. Moreover, unless the Client has engaged us for other matters that are ongoing, once a matter has concluded our representation of the Client will be considered terminated. These General Terms of Engagement do not necessarily constitute the entirety of the terms of any singular engagement and are subject to change.